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Tangled Threads: Geraldine Flanders Book 2

Book One left three men struggling for their lives at the maniacal hands of Geraldine Flanders and her town’s horrifying secrets. But what made Geraldine Flanders snap and become the murderous eighty-eight-year-old woman from Winthrop Falls?

It’s twenty-five years earlier. Geraldine is the well-respected and much-loved mayor of Winthrop Falls, and it’s her son’s wedding day. The day he and his new bride are brutally murdered. The secrets revealed will shock the town to its core, and the residents of Winthrop Falls will never be the same. Geraldine is slowly unraveling and her best friend, Beatrice Sterling, is an unwilling accomplice from a secret they shared in high school. Geraldine becomes manipulative, unpredictable, unstable, and dangerous. Worst of all, Geraldine knows precisely what she’s doing. Geraldine is determined to make everyone pay for the dirty secrets they’ve been keeping from her. Imagined or otherwise.

Geraldine’s about to untangle a violent knotted thread that will unravel the readers and send them spiraling downward alongside her. Who will survive is anyone’s guess.

Releasing April 15, 2022: Available from: Amazon.

Stitched: Geraldine Flanders Book 1

Cover Design by William Holden

On their way home from their father’s funeral, brothers John and Danny noticed a strange tuxedoed scarecrow marking the entrance to a small town in southeastern Texas. What starts as an adventurous side trip takes on a peculiar and terrifying feeling. The sleepy little town has a very dark secret. Her name is Geraldine Flanders, a sweet, elderly woman who could be anyone’s grandmother. She’s also the Mayor of Winthrop Falls, and she’ll kill to keep her town’s secrets buried.

As the two men tour the small town they encounter more of Geraldine’s hidden passion. The town’s population consists of lifelike scarecrows of past residents and unexpected visitors to Winthrop Falls. Geraldine’s secrets slowly unravel, as does her sweet outward appearance. Geraldine isn’t the kind-hearted woman she appears to be. She has a dark, murderous heart and a sadistic taste for torture. Geraldine is gearing up for her latest addition to her town’s population, while John and Danny find themselves fighting for their lives.

Available from: Amazon.

All Mortal Flesh: A Christmas Tale

Cover Design by William Holden

For the Barrows, Christmas will be a yuletide terror. Set in the eighteenth century and steeped in an unforgettable legend, the Barrow’s will have to face their worst nightmares. This Christmas will be spent with the Stouts. A family with a taste for human flesh. Trapped in a cold, damp cave filled with unimaginable horrors, they’ll have to find the will to survive, or die trying to escape.

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Cover Design by William Holden

After a year away, Morgan goes back home to Glenn Hollow in hopes of finding his family he left in a failed plan of escape. What he doesn’t expect to find is the horrors from last Halloween thriving in his hometown. Now Morgan will have to face off against nature once again and the living jack-o-lanterns whose only purpose is revenge on humanity. It’s the season of the harvest, and the town has been waiting for Morgan’s return.

Available from Amazon.

Death Benefits

Victor Kane isn’t an ordinary funeral director. He’s a vampire, and not an ordinary one, either. He doesn’t drink fresh blood, but rather the lifeless blood from corpses that come into his family-run business. Despite the benefits of dead blood, there’s one side effect he hasn’t come to terms with — dead blood causes erectile dysfunction.

Cliff a handsome young man who loses his husband unexpectedly in the heat of passion and calls After Care Funeral Home to help with the arrangements. When Victor and Cliff meet, though, it’s anything but business.

Cliff wants to feel again, and sex is his answer. Victor knows from experience that sex with a vampire is a powerful aphrodisiac and tries to keep Cliff at bay. Can Victor confess his identity to Cliff without ruining his chance for love?

Available from JMS Books.