Dark Thirty: A Novella by Andrew J. Brandt

To be honest, I’ve never read anything by Andrew J. Brandt before. The blurb on Amazon intrigued me, but not for the typical reason. The blurb doesn’t do the story justice. It makes the novella sound like the same old horror/mystery trope. A small-town kid goes missing, and the town’s secrets are slowly exposed. It seems to be everywhere these days – television, movie, and books. (Think Broadchurch, Dark, The Disappearance, The River, etc.… You get my point)

Despite the blurb and seemingly commonplace plot, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Dark Thirty. Brandt has a wonderfully devilish mind. The plot and story are a bit unsettling, but it also makes for a great read. I bought the book to see if something different or unique could be done with the old trope. While the trope is common, Dark Thirty is not. Brandt has devised a way to make even an old idea fresh and new.

Available on Amazon.

Author: William Holden

Thank you for spending time with me. My writing spans more than two decade, with over 100 published short stories in the genres of horror, urban fantasy, supernatural, and erotica. I’m an award-winning author of such titles as, A Twist of Grimm by Lethe Press (Lambda Literary Finalist), and by Bold Stroke Books, Words to Die By (2nd place in the Rainbow Book Awards for best horror and a finalist for the Foreword Reviews' INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award for Best Horror), Secret Societies, and The Thief Taker were also Lambda Literary Finalists. Besides writing, I’m a home chef, an avid reader, and contribute time and money to environmental and wildlife organizations.

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